Sustainable manufacturing and design.

Biodegradeable. Compostable. Zero waste.

Vayakora is a boutique manufacturer of ecologically designed consumer products based in Moruya, NSW, Australia.

Ultimate sustainability
Environment before business.
Designed to decompose.
Forward thinking.
Ecological design
Cradle to cradle manufacture.
Elimination of toxins.
Biomimetic design.
Natural materials
Carbon negative materials.
Extracting CO2 from air.
Natural engineering.
Advanced technology
No synthetic chemicals.
100% organic fibres.
The eco age.
Biodegradeable materials
100% biodegradeable.
100% compostable.
100% non-toxic.
Zero waste
Nature knows no waste.
We reduce wastage.
The vision is 0.
Aesthetic solutions
Great problem-solving designs.
No compromises.
Who says eco can’t be cool?
Mechanical properties
Strong. Stiff. Light.
Tough. Insulating.
Zen is in
Über minimalist designs.
Products the world needs.
Less really is more.