Environment first. Economy second.

Because without nature, there IS no business.
In 2010, The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) study estimated that forests worldwide provide us with ecosystems services that equate to US$2–4.5 trillion annually.
“If insects were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos.” —E. O. Wilson.
In 2005, the worldwide economic value of the pollination service provided by insect pollinators, bees mainly, was estimated to be €153 billion.


We believe that biodiversity is the most precious thing in existence.
Nature gives us fresh air, water and food. Nature rejuvenates. Nature inspires.
Nature is life. Therefore nature must be protected.

With that in mind, we design and manufacture all of our products to be as environmentally friendly as humanly possible. Because we know that without the environment, there is no business.

We think a lot about materials. We only use non-toxic, 100% biodegradeable and/or compostable materials in our products. Ecological materials.

We also think a lot about production, too. About the very nature of manufacturing. Indeed, it’s not something that most companies like to talk about. But we are proud to say that we use ecological materials for all of our manufacturing processes, not just for the final products themselves (everything from moulds, release agents, cleaning products, adhesives, and packaging is considered). By doing this, we are literally reinventing ecological design and manufacturing.

Our aim is to make cool products that will benefit not just you but the environment as well. That’s our brand promise.